Nail-gluing machine-convenient and fast nail-gluing machine, carton manufacturers deserve to have it!

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In recent years, our country has developed more and more rapidly. Almost all kinds of machines have been greatly developed, becoming more and more automated and convenient, which greatly facilitates the production of manufacturers and the lives of the people, and the operators. The operation is also very simple and the production efficiency is high. The automatic nailing machine is one of the examples. Let us understand it!

1. Precautions for use

First of all, the operator needs to be proficient in the equipment. Before using it, you must first check it to see if there are any problems with the components before using it. If there is no inspection, in case there is a defect in the carton, the carton may be damaged. It’s not cost-effective to waste cartons, and also cost electricity and oil. Moreover, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments according to the different styles of cartons and operate correctly, and try to avoid irregular operations to reduce machine damage.

2. Its advantages

Since the automatic glue and nail integrated machine provides integrated services of paper feeding, folding, glue sticking and counting, it combines the box gluer and the nail box machine, and does not require manual counting, so it saves a lot of manpower . Because it is operated by a computer, the error rate is greatly reduced, and it is simpler and faster, thereby reducing the waste of cartons and time. It is not made manually, so the cartons that are glued and nailed are relatively more standardized and standard.

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