Which one is better than the box gluer, the box nailer and the all-in-one gluer? You will understand after reading this!

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Which one is better than the box gluer, the box nailer and the all-in-one gluer? Each device has its own advantages. For example, some companies have had a box-stitching machine and a box-gluer before, but after a period of use, the box-stitching machine broke down. In this case, you need to buy the box-gluer again. Companies like this need to buy a box gluer separately. For the same reason, it is enough for companies to choose according to their existing machinery and equipment.

The difference between box gluer, box nailer and all-in-one gluer

First: the operation is different

The operation modes of the box gluer and the box nailing machine need to be operated many times, and the all-in-one gluer and nailing machine are a whole, and the operation process is very simple and easier to operate. The box gluer, the box nailing machine and the all-in-one nailing machine all have the same function. They all play the role of sealing and nailing.

The only difference is that the operation method is different. The nail-gluing machine can be operated simply, while the box gluer and the box nailing machine require manual operation. Considering the start-up time of the equipment, the all-in-one glue and nail machine saves time, and is easy to operate, and the operation method is relatively simple. It is not as complicated as the operation of the box gluer and the box stapler.

Second: different prices

The box gluer and the box nailing machine are equivalent to two sets of equipment, which are more suitable for companies that require a single device. For example, when a company buys a box gluer, the box stapler does not need it. In this case, you can purchase a single device. For the equipment that needs to be purchased by a newly established company, such companies generally recommend to choose an all-in-one glue and nail machine. In this way, the operation is relatively simple and it saves labor and time. These are the advantages of the all-in-one glue and nail machine.

Of course, companies or individuals should make a choice based on their own factors and working conditions when purchasing equipment. For example, the budget of funds and the needs of work, these need to be selected according to needs.

Third: the finished products are different

The box gluer and the box nailing machine need to cooperate with each other, because the possible connection of manual control will be very different. That is the flow of work. The box gluer and the box nailing machine are combined to produce the finished product. But the same carton can be completed in one step, which saves time and manpower. Because the accuracy of computer control is very high, and the efficiency of making finished products is also very high.

The delivery speed of the glue and nail integrated machine is relatively fast, and the completion speed is relatively fast. The box gluer and the box nailing machine are two processes and need to go through two processes. For example, after the box gluer is finished, the box nailing machine needs to cooperate with the work. There is a time difference during this cooperation process, which is a waste of time. If the worker's skills are not good enough, it is easy to have defective products.

After general enterprise users understand these differences, they can choose according to their own needs. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages between these devices. No matter what kind of equipment business users want to buy, they must choose according to the work environment and work needs. As long as the equipment is suitable for the working environment, it is easy to use. As long as everyone reads these, you will understand.

In short, when choosing, it should be noted that understanding this knowledge will not suffer. After understanding this knowledge, it is enough to choose based on your own situation.

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