What are the characteristics and requirements of the carton nailing machine in the nailing process?

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First of all, we must understand the needs of customers and receive the corresponding cardboard according to the production notice. You need to pay attention to the name, specification, model, layout and other contents of the cardboard of the product. It is also necessary to conduct sampling inspection of cardboard, such as cardboard size, die-cutting or crimping size and method, cardboard color difference, printing color difference, warping, quantity, damage, etc., if the number is large, the problem should be reported to the process team leader in time , And deal with it accordingly.

After checking the correctness, transport the cardboard to the machine and place it neatly on the wooden rack. At this time, pay attention to the stacking height and stacking stability.

Prepare flat wire: 10 minutes before the carton nailing machine works, pick up the corresponding flat wire according to the label, quantity and coating of the flat wire. The flat yarns to be used are neatly placed in the specified area, and the number of requisitions shall not exceed the dedicated area.

Debugging settings: Take the servo semi-automatic nail box machine as an example. The nail distance and number of nails of this machine are controlled by the touch screen, so we have to set how much distance should be left before and after, how many nails need to be driven in a carton, and the system will It will automatically set its nail distance.

The process team leader and the team leader can each take a cardboard box and conduct the first inspection of the product respectively. When checking, place the cardboard box under natural light. The main points to note are as follows:

The nails should be fastened and ordered thoroughly, and there should be no overlapped nails, missing nails, warped nails, broken nails, bent nails, no corners, etc.;

After trying out the nail box machine, prepare a large number of nail boxes when everything is ready, but you should also pay attention to the box printing and slotting process, and whether the nailed boxes are qualified!

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